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The objectives of the development and implementation of these resources is to help Health Care Providers to:

  • Find practical, evidence-based resources to use when caring for individuals that have a surgical wound
  • Understand the importance of encouraging patient self-management in care
  • Perform a holistic patient assessment
  • If surgical wound is on a lower limb, arrange for a complete Lower Leg Assessment (LLA) including ABPIs in order to identify patient’s ability to heal or need for referral to vascular surgeon. If patient is a diabetic, toe pressures should also be obtained.
  • Perform accurate wound assessment including progress towards healing
  • Recognize signs & symptoms of infection and identify treatment interventions
  • Increase the use and implementation of evidence-based surgical wound treatment plans including pain management using pharmacological and non-pharmacological interventions
  • Identify and implement appropriate topical wound care
  • Implement surgical wound education in patient’s initial and continuing care plan
  • Improve the coordination and communication between care providers/care institutions regarding the transfer/discharge plan for patients with surgical wounds


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